Bridgeway Bible Church integrated worship

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Home Fellowship Location

Fellowship Location

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Bridgeway Bible Church meets at

1261 Spring Branch Road

Spring Branch, Texas

Time: 10:30 Sunday mornings


Bridgeway number is 

210   602   8197

(Don't forget to leave your call back number)


ONLINE BOOK: Biblically Defending Salvation

OSAS, which is the acrostic for being Once Saved Always Saved, is an issue of Eternal Security in Christ--also called Perseverance of the Saints. This book defends and promotes the Biblical doctrine of being Once Saved In Eternal Spiritual Salvation (OSIESS) by exegeting the key texts that are improperly used by adherents to the false philosophy of Insecurity in Christ. Conditional Security, which suggest that you can fall from grace and lose salvation is refuted in a verse by verse manner. BDF is a helpful tool for defending the faith once for all delivered.

—Pastor K Kinchen


Propositional Truth Matters

To Every Tribe Ministries

Pioneer Church Planting to unreached people in Papua New Guinea and Mexico.
Center For Pioneer Church Planting trains pioneers for the gospel.
Short-Term Missions into Mexico & Papua New Guinea.
TETM Sending Agency sends and serves its church-plant teams.
Ongoing Tribal Research in places where no name for Christ exists.

Is a Baby Human

Is a baby human?

Instead of wasting our time with philosophy, or instead of relying upon various scientific methods for speculating probabilities concerning the answer to the above question, let us go to God’s inspired word for His revelation on the matter.


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