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Verse by Verse Expository Sermons

Pastor’s, preachers, and teachers: please feel free to use my verse by verse expository sermons, and other sermons, for your own sermon prep. There is no copyright on these sermons. They cost me my time, and energy, but they are free for you to use to edify others for God’s glory during our short stay in this world—Pastor Kerry Kinchen

Note: To see a short intro to each sermon click on the study name in the left column.

  • JOHN Verse by Verse Expository Sermons   ( 30 Articles )
    John’s gospel is very sermonic in its approach of presenting history. This is because history serves as John’s sermon illustration in which the actual events drive the content and intention of the sermon’s theme. In respect to this, it is best to think of John’s gospel as a divinely inspired witness based docu-sermon. Join Pastor Kerry in this expository sermon series to glean from the rich treasures that await us in this amazing book.
  • 1 CORINTHIANS Verse by Verse Expository Sermons   ( 38 Articles )

    1 Corinthians is an amazingly rich epistle. It is one of the most colorful epistles in respect to cultural considerations for practical living. It is also one of the most difficult epistles to exegete. The textual puzzles from section to section are famous among all who venture into understanding its depth. Join Pastor Kerry as he endeavors to mine out its riches for your edification.

  • 2 CORINTHIANS Verse by Verse Expository Sermons   ( 38 Articles )
  • EPHESIANS Verse by Verse Expository Sermons   ( 43 Articles )
    Ephesians is a wonderful epistle for teaching doctrine that will drive your actions. It is theologically pregnant with spiritual truth, which means it is both practical and relevant according to what God defines as practical and relevant.
  • PHILIPPIANS Verse by Verse Expository Sermons   ( 22 Articles )
    Partake in these Philippians sermons to enrich your spiritual life in Christ. Each sermon gleans from Paul's pertinent teachings; written as he was moved by the Spirit while in prison.
  • COLOSSIANS Verse by Verse Expository Sermons   ( 25 Articles )
    Colossians is called one of Paul's "Prison Epistles." This wonderful epistle will set you free from imprisonment to me-centered Christianity by directing you to recognize the body of Christ as more than a concept. The body is the church which is the family of God in accordance to Christ in you, and you in Christ.
  • 1 THESSALONIANS Verse by Verse Expository Sermons   ( 15 Articles )
    This 1 Thessalonians preaching series of verse by verse expository sermons has teaching that will change your life and give you a deeper understanding of God's word in respect to important theological and doctrinal issues.
  • 2 THESSALONIANS Verse by Verse Expository Sermons   ( 7 Articles )
    This sermon series from 2 Thessalonians is meant to encourage you with timeless principles which will edify you in your Christian walk.
  • PHILEMON Verse by Verse Expository sermons   ( 4 Articles )
    Philemon is a short but spiritually sweet epistle that is packed with revelation from God for our edification. Enjoy these verse by verse expository sermons as you endeavor to abide in the culture of Christ.
  • JAMES Verse by Verse Expository Sermons   ( 24 Articles )
    James is an intensely exciting epistle that God has given us for our edification. Dig into these sermons for clear, crisp, revelation for living out the life of Christ.
  • 1 PETER Verse by Verse Expository Sermons   ( 23 Articles )
    1 Peter is a treasure trove of life changing truths just waiting to be opened and invested for our Christian lives. Dig into this sermon series with Pastor Kerry for spiritual profit that will drive both your thinking and your actions.
  • 2 PETER Verse by Verse Expository Sermons   ( 11 Articles )
    2 Peter is pregnant with God's truth for the church in every generation. This expository sermon series is focused upon birthing forth its message to be embraced, preserved, and lived out.
  • 1 JOHN Verse by Verse Expository Sermons   ( 10 Articles )

    1 John is a notoriously difficult epistle to interpret and apply. Follow along with Pastor Kinchen as he illumines John's meaning for us with accompanying principles of application for our lives.

  • 2 JOHN Verse by Verse Expository Sermon   ( 1 Article )

    2 John is an amazing epistle that supports the proper interpretation of 1 John. Like 1 john, it shows that John relies upon his experiences he recorded in the gospel of John. The epistle is a warning concerning the tainting influences of fakes. It is also an urging to being purified from their influences by standing in the truth. Love is the core of it all as the commandment of the Law of Christ.

  • 3 JOHN verse by verse expository sermon   ( 1 Article )

    Verse by verse expository sermon from 3 JOho

  • 1 TIMOTHY verse by verse expository sermons   ( 10 Articles )

    Verse by verse expository sermons from 1 Timothy.

ONLINE BOOK: Biblically Defending Salvation

OSAS, which is the acrostic for being Once Saved Always Saved, is an issue of Eternal Security in Christ--also called Perseverance of the Saints. This book defends and promotes the Biblical doctrine of being Once Saved In Eternal Spiritual Salvation (OSIESS) by exegeting the key texts that are improperly used by adherents to the false philosophy of Insecurity in Christ. Conditional Security, which suggest that you can fall from grace and lose salvation is refuted in a verse by verse manner. BDF is a helpful tool for defending the faith once for all delivered.

—Pastor K Kinchen


Propositional Truth Matters

To Every Tribe Ministries

Pioneer Church Planting to unreached people in Papua New Guinea and Mexico.
Center For Pioneer Church Planting trains pioneers for the gospel.
Short-Term Missions into Mexico & Papua New Guinea.
TETM Sending Agency sends and serves its church-plant teams.
Ongoing Tribal Research in places where no name for Christ exists.

Is a Baby Human

Is a baby human?

Instead of wasting our time with philosophy, or instead of relying upon various scientific methods for speculating probabilities concerning the answer to the above question, let us go to God’s inspired word for His revelation on the matter.


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